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Developing the English skills you need for you to feel confident in a healthcare setting can be incredibly challenging without any guidance. If you’re a nurse, doctor, or other healthcare professional, you already realize how different the language that we use to communicate with our medical colleagues and our patients is. Most of it isn't taught in your standard language class. And the English-language medical content that’s available is  designed for native speakers, and so it moves quickly without explanation, and leaves you wondering if you even understood it correctly. I understand how overwhelming this can feel.

I’m a nurse practitioner and midwife from the United States, I am also a TEFL-certified English teacher. While researching the best ways to teach English to my students, I realized that there are a few key concepts to understand that will make the process of advancing your English language skills much easier and efficient. 

Medical English: Much More Than Medical Terminology

Learning medical terminology is important, but unless you are able to easily understand and use these terms in a sentence, it is not much help. This is where most learners get stuck. Let me explain…

Once you advanced to a certain level of English, you likely began learning to use phrasal verbs (verbs when put with other words, have a new meaning), and then later idioms (phrases where the meaning is not deducible based on the words) and collocations (words that native speakers always place together without good reason; it just “sounds right.”)   

The problem is, there are 10,000+ phrasal verbs, and 25,000+ idioms, and countless collocations in the English language. 

My experience as a healthcare professional in the U.S. gives me a firsthand understanding of which of these tens of thousands of phrases are actually used in healthcare settings and most important for you to learn.

Medical English Lessons
In our lessons, you will learn the specific phrasal verbs, idioms, collocations, medical terminology (and sometimes slang) that you are most likely to need in your own particular healthcare setting. You will learn through both a thorough explanation of new concepts as well as mock scenarios (such as a shift change report or gathering a health history from a patient).  We will practice new terms until you feel confident using them on your own. 

Introductory Session

If you are interested in enrolling in tutoring lessons with me, you can sign up below for a 30 minute introductory session.

In you introductory session  we will:

  • Discuss your Medical English goals and career goals

  • Talk about your biggest English challenges and worries 

  • Learn about some lesson ideas popular with students

  • Discuss your ideal lesson plan and how you best learn

  • Set a plan and  short-term goals for the next lesson

Packages + Rates

Happy Clients

"I have long been searching for a tutor who is capable of delivering their medical knowledge to international nurses in an efficient way. Luckily enough, I’ve had the opportunity to meet Melissa 3 months before I will arrive in America so I am now confident to play my part as a registered nurse in English. She was passionate about sharing her clinical experiences and was also talented at conveying her message in ways which were easily understandable. Furthermore, she was extremely responsible which she proved by preparing all of the questions I asked in prior sessions."

Dual Client: NP Admissions Mentoring / Medical English

I am a registered nurse from Korea and I aspire to work in an ICU in the US. As a non-native speaker of English, I needed some professionals in this field to help me with medical terms and phrases. In healthcare settings, we have so many medical idioms and terms that are so special, only someone professional can teach this. Melissa is a huge help in this. I feel I was very fortunate to meet Melissa and she taught me so far not only some basic English but also an understanding and proper use of medical terminology in a friendly environment. She started with me by making plans for what we are going to achieve in each of our classes. And she is open to suggestions and willing to adjust every class to my taste. She is patient and a good listener, gives me detailed feedback on my every question, and she has so many vivid examples of what the term and phrases will be used in real healthcare settings. I am grateful that she even confirmed with some of the healthcare staff who are on site. The way that she classified by 'singular VS plural,' 'prepositions,' 'terminology and acronyms,' 'pronunciation,' 'phrasal verbs, idioms and collocations,' and 'cultural' on contents helped me to organize and made it easier for me to review after class. She also makes 'rules' on many of the terms and phrases so that it will be easier for me to adjust them to other situations. Most importantly, Melissa is an inspiring tutor. She is a professional Nurse Practitioner and her experience help me want to pursue my dream as a pediatric NP even more.

Joo Hyun
Medical English Tutoring Client

I started to take the class with Melissa with a really strong recommendation from nurses.
Melissa is not only a very inspirational but also a thoroughly prepared tutor. She provides various contents. She has helped me prepare for the grad school interview and we’ve also had sessions with patient-nurse education simulations. The class prep. and wrap-up are so clear, that you don't waste any moment. Especially, I would like to recommend the class to those who want to learn medical English or applicants for NP grad schools in the United States. 
She is so supportive and patient during all communication that I can speak in English without hesitation and love this moment to improve my English skills.
The most important thing I would like to highlight is that she is a person who has really positive energy, which makes the atmosphere so smooth and cozy. Therefore, even if you are not a native English speaker, I am sure that you can enjoy speaking English freely through conversation with Melissa.

Dual Client: NP Admissions Mentoring / Medical English

Melissa is the most excellent tutor I have ever met. I am a nurse, and I knew nothing about medical English until I met her. I did not have much passion to learn it, but she found a lot of ways to inspire me. I've been coached by her for over two months and I have made great progress on my medical English. She is a professional teacher. I will keep on studying English with her for as long as she is willing to teach me.

Medical English Tutoring Client

She really is one of the best teachers! She is energetic, a good listener and friendly one. I appreciate the way she corrects me, whenever I make mistakes. I have learned a lot from her already and hope to continue to learn more.

Medical English Tutoring Client

Medical English: Testimonials
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