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Customized 1:1 mentoring to walk you through the NP grad school admissions process.

When I decided to apply to nurse practitioner programs, I dedicated myself to understanding the process and what each university was looking for in an applicant. I read everything I could find. I talked to anyone from the universities who was willing, and asked questions about everything. Then I carefully tailored each application to each program. My hard work paid off, and I was accepted into every school I applied for, including three Ivy Leagues and two other Top 10 nursing schools.

Now I am here to pass on what I learned to you.

During our consultation, I will learn about you as a nurse and as a person, your experience and career goals, as well as what your biggest concerns are and your timeline.


You can, of course, ask me any questions you want about my services or the application process. Then, if we both agree my services seem like a good fit for your needs, I will design a customized plan for us to work through together in future sessions to help you achieve your goals. 

After the consultation I will send you a quote based on your specific needs (how many programs you are applying to, how greatly application requirements differ etc.)

Note: Our 1:1 sessions are only small part of the work involved in this process. Due to the time-intensive nature of these services, I am only able to work with a very limited number of clients each application cycle. 




Melissa's guidance and mentorship throughout the nursing application process was truly unmatched. We clicked immediately during the introduction session and she was very transparent about the time and cost it would require. She is an active listener and often pulled things out of our conversations for use in my application that I may not have realized were important. Through our conversations and exercises Melissa was able to help me put my experiences and views into carefully constructed words on a page, something I have always struggled to do. She went above and beyond and was extremely responsive and communicative each step of the way even after I had submitted all of my applications. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor and attribute a huge amount of my success to her. So grateful I found her!


As a nursing admissions mentor, Melissa is ideal. When I first had a conversation with her, I could feel that everything would go well. It actually works! She shares her own wisdom and experiences of the admissions process, studying in graduate school, and working as a healthcare provider, and she assures me I can achieve my goals. I find her way to set timelines and analyze school information very reliable. In respect to language, she is a passionate teacher. As an international applicant, whenever I get stuck with writing essays, she presents the perfect solutions. She always teaches me helpful English expressions that suit a given situation. I can tell how much she dedicates herself to improving my application.  With all of her help, I believe I have already excelled in my writing ability. Additionally, she is a very supportive listener who easily gets how I feel and what I think, letting me feel free to discuss all my concerns with her. Her cheerful nature really helps me go through this process well.
It is the biggest pleasure for me to meet her during my admission process! I cannot thank her enough!!!

- Yunji

She is the best! She was so sincere and professional. Also, she is passionate and enthusiastic about everything. I already knew she was not familiar with the program I wanted but I needed her a lot as I got many recommendations and compliments from my many friends whom she had helped. As a result, my faith has came true. I was very busy with my work and was so afraid of the journey I had to go through. However, she found information on all the details of the school I wanted to go to and did her best to help me to prepare for my journey! Her passionate approach kept me motivated and she supported me emotionally so that I could make all the preparations for that school. Whenever I had a meeting with her, I always felt touched by her enthusiasm for her work and life. Besides, she recommended better schools and programs so that I could study what I wanted. She was a very punctual person who was always on time. 
Without her, this journey would have been very difficult for me. It was so lucky for me to meet her. 
She is the best consultant ever who is very diligent and thoughtful about all my needs. 
I really want to say thank you! I appreciate it, Melissa!


I had a chance to work with Melissa to get help with writing a nurse practitioner  personal statement. Melissa is extremely considerate, patient and really cares about her client. She will go above and beyond for her client's needs and is honest about her service. She is prepared and has her own way to help with the client from the beginning all the way to the end. She is easily approachable and very fun to work with. I would love to work with her in the future if I need further assistance.




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