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Jungmin, NC

Before writing the essay, Melissa asked me specific questions, which helped me organize my ideas on my career path. As a result, I could more clearly incorporate my goal into the essay through this process. And she is especially helpful to international students who need to clearly understand the US healthcare system and the difference between each healthcare provider's roles. And during the essay editing process, she gave helpful advice based on her experience as a nurse practitioner and applying to np school, putting me in the right direction for writing an essay. And, when we communicated, she clearly understood my intention, which made me fit into my timeline. Also, even when I asked questions outside of class, she responded quickly, giving me the feeling of being supported throughout the application process.

Danielle, CA

Melissa is amazing at what she does. I could not have asked for a better mentor during my application process to guide me along with the essays and focus on the things that were important to shine for the schools I really wanted to get into. I've gotten into my dream school and by the time you're reading this, I've probably already begun! Melissa was there from step one and I could not recommend her more.

Amelia, CA

I had a wonderful experience working with Melissa. I was nervous approaching this admissions cycle, and from our first meeting Melissa made me confident I could get into an NP program. Her general support and confidence in me helped me immensely. She really believed in me, which helped me believe in myself. Another part of working with Melissa that stuck out was her thoughtful feedback on my essay drafts. She had a way of asking thought-provoking questions which forced me to ask deeper questions and to really understand more deeply why I wanted to become an NP. She is also very personable, kind, and easy to get in touch with. Overall I highly recommend Melissa to anyone in the overwhelming, stressful, and exciting experience of applying to NP school!

JooHyun, NY

Melissa is the best mentor I could ever had. She is so creative and knowledgeable. I truly don't think I could have gotten into the dream schools without her help! I am so lucky to have met her on this journey.
I had a bunch of random ideas that I had a hard time connecting them into one big idea. Melissa has numerous creative ideas to summarize and expand them and helped me make one big concept and one good essay that got me into the schools. Magical!

S.J., NY

I feel so fortunate to have Melissa to help with my DNP applications. I worked with Melissa on my DNP applications for three months, and we meet at least 2 times a week. She was genuine and friendly, and she really wanted to get to know me before anything else. She saw the best part of me and assisted me to present it in my personal statements. She was extremely responsible and good at time management. For me, working with her was way more than working on advanced degree applications in nursing. I learned from her and built my confidence. I believe what I learned from her can assist me to succeed in my DNP program. She deserves all the good words I can think of to compliment a friend. I am so grateful for her guidance and coaching! I would like to stay in touch with her even after I have already received acceptance letters from the programs I applied for. If you want to work with someone on your nursing applications, I highly recommend her, and I am 100% sure that you won’t regret it. You will learn from her and see her shining talents that make you want to become a better person and nurse.

Grace, MI

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